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feel the vibrance 

Cherish the moment

“Life should be fun! We’ve got to live it! " she said to her father as a little girl. Since then she has been living her dream and motivating everyone around her: "You can do that too!"

Vibrance, liveliness, is one of the most distinct characteristics of Carmen Corinna, the founder of the Vibrance Series and owner of the company Carmen Corinna Music LTD. With the background of her academic degree in sports science, as well as her many years of professional experience as a singer, performer and teacher, Carmen puts this liveliness and zest for life into focus in the Vibrance League, Vibrance Live concerts and the international Vibrance Retreats.


The Vibrance Series is where music, movement and connections come to life and inspire liveliness.

Where moments, spaces, sounds and performances are designed in such a way that they activate and intensify your perception on all sensory levels, so that you feel more alive and can enjoy every moment.

But what exactly does the Vibrance Series contain for you to achieve this?

Feel free to explore.

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