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vibrance Conference

Feel free to feel alive

The refreshing sea breeze, the white Aerial Yoga fabrics that move in the light wind and a gently sounding Hang Drum with a soft voice floating over it invite you to a good morning at our Vibrance Conference.

The Vibrance Conference is a week of awareness and liveliness in a selected like-minded community with Aerial Yoga, Sound Meditation, Cozy Concerts, Amazonic Dance, even Breakletics and Aerial Performances, but above all, in-depth exchange and networking in a first-class atmosphere and a unique setting.

All activities are meant to bring back to life what got lost in our busy day to day, making us feel with all our senses to bring ourselves and our team back into the moment - the right here - right now.

From here we can raise new motivation, power and joy.

The Vibrance Conference takes place in breathtaking, exclusive locations in Ibiza, St. Barth, Switzerland, St. Tropez and Zanzibar, both in private villas and in well selected 4-5 star hotels.

The date is set for 2022 in Ibiza and The Vibrance League is going!

Join us from 28th of May to 2nd of June 2022 and secure your spot now!

Very limited spaces!

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