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Passion is Power

AM!NA [a’mina] f (Swahili) = AMEN


Sunrise in Malibu over Pacific waters. AM!NA.

A mystic wild cat roars in freedom and stretches out in the yard. AM!NA.

Pure intention through intuition with a long trace fighting for independence. AM!NA.

Passion is power. AM!NA.

Where a will is there is a way. AM!NA.

Sunset open air live celebration floating elevation. AM!NA.

Vivid harmonic Melodic & Afro House with purring sweet as well as roaring deep vocals. AM!NA.

Anthematic top-lines with powerful inspiring speech. AM!NA.

Unforgettable uplifting connections among likeminded creatives. AM!NA.


The originally German sports scientist & multidisciplinary dancer Carmen Corinna Braun was attracted to rhythm & harmony since day 1 of her life grooving to Herb Alpert Vinyls. She began writing her own music as soon as she started to play the piano with 8 years old. But soon after her first band experiences she made her voice her main instrument. After finishing her studies and definitely moving to Spain she formed the event team La Funky Family and her Soul band Corinna Braun & the Sananda Scene with who she performed her own compositions. She recorded her Debut Album Euphoria in 2011 and when she finally released it as CC Brown in 2020 it hit the RnB album charts in Switzerland.

Through her 12 years of Breaking (Breakdance) she went from rapping and singing Hip Hop to Funk & Soul with James Brown as her main inspiration but also grazed Jazz and Latin standards to perform at restaurants.

But it wasn’t until she moved to Ibiza, Spain in 2014 that she started dedicating her time fully and exclusively to her music career singing at Pacha, Destino, Cova Santa and Nikki Beach among others.

And it wasn’t until she added Switzerland to the roadmap that she also started DJing.

After a decade of creative entrepreneurship she finally gave birth to the love of her artist life AM!NA Jaguar in November 2023 with her charting debut single LA which also reveals her next residential destination.

Curious like a cat she wouldn’t miss any opportunity to grow and acquire more skills, experience and knowledge. Between 4 languages, Palos flamencos, Aerial Silks singing and an enormous feeling for rhythm and hooklines she proudly keeps growing the catalogue and community of AM!NA JAGUAR.

Her youngest single RISE was picked up straight on release day and played at the Miami Music Week 2024 where she got to meet her idols Sparrow & Barbossa, MoBlack, Nitefreak, Francis Mercier and Eran Hersh which clearly marks her direction into Afro House where her Spanish influence and rich vocal experience can shine best.

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