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Arju Aeria - The Cosmic Bird

Carmen Corinna Braun aka. Arju Aeria

combines singing and sound with Aerial Acrobatics.

From the very first song she could play on the organ, she was inspired to write her own songs and promptly put it into practice. Immediately the curiosity grew in the voice and the implementation of melodies and sounds exclusively with her own body as an instrument. All in all, she extensively studied singing, keyboards and music theory from 1989 to 2001 at the Detmold Music School in Germany and finally began to record herself with the simplest techniques until she was able to present her own compositions with a band.

Her athletic development was also increasingly expressive and became a visual complement to the music in her performances.

Her many years of gymnastics and dance experience, as well as her training in dance styles and movement theater as part of her studies at the German Sport University Cologne from 2001-2008 very soon resulted in experimenting with Aerial Acrobatics.

With her 2nd course in Spanish and her year abroad in Valencia, Spain, which finally became her new home from 2008-2011, she opened up further ways of versatile communication, as well as insights into Spanish music culture and promptly recorded her 3-language album Euphoria.


She soon found favor with established international musicians such as War and Joey Heredia, who she quickly included in their concerts when Carmen finally moved to Los Angeles, California for 1 year to explore the origins of soul music and her dance styles more deeply.

Back in Europe, Carmen discovered the artistic and performing diversity of the island of Ibiza and there she decided to get to the bottom of her own skills in 2014-2019. The special attraction for Carmen was to combine singing and Aerial Acrobatics in a graceful way, to create sounds upside down and to merge with the Aerial Silks in motion as if from one piece. In doing so, she fulfilled a dream of herself and developed a performance with a tangible unique selling point.

Residing in Switzerland since 2020, she experiments with rhythms in sound and voice, as well as new figures in the Aerial Silks, which are supposed to represent an elf-avatar being - Arju Aeria.


Her ultimate goal and dream is to develop a unique artistic language that can express and convey a zest for life and a positive empowering attitude towards the journey of life in all its colors and facets.

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