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Vibrance Aerials

The Aerial Yoga Formula for joy of life

Do you want to fly?

Do you want to feel free and yet supported and safe?

Do you want to lose fear and gain trust?

Aerial Yoga is a playful form of awakening the body, strengthening and stretching while floating against gravity.

The fabric carries the body and thus gives support and lightness so that you can experience the feeling of flying.

The fabric also offers the possibility to move upside down, to relieve the back, shoulders and neck, as well as to stimulate blood circulation.

There is no need to sit cross-legged for a long time, which is uncomfortable at times, because you are floating.

Floating in the Aerial Hammock improves trust and higher consciousness.

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  • Above all, aerial yoga is fun, liveliness and well-being through lightness against gravity.

  • Aerial Yoga is holistic training for the whole body and can be focused specifically on desired areas.

  • Aerial yoga strengthens the body and can be used as specific strength training. It especially strengthens the core and burns fat

  • Aerial yoga expands physical limits and flexibility

  • Aerial yoga relieves shoulders, neck and back

  • Aerial yoga improves blood circulation

  • Aerial yoga helps to build up the elastic structure of the connective tissues and protects the intervertebral discs

  • Aerial Yoga promotes and improves balance and coordination because the fabric always moves and has to be controlled by the body

  • Conscious breathing and relaxation put you in a state that is not only physically but also mentally floating.

As a certified sports scientist and sports teacher with decades of experience, especially in the field of gymnastics, dance and Aerial acrobatics, it was only logical for me to expand my teaching activities to include activities that touch and inspire me personally.

My experiences and shows as an Aerial singer have aroused my curiosity about Aerial Yoga as a healthy and holistic balance.

Since then I have been experimenting with different approaches from yoga and aerial training in order to be able to directly and carefully respond to the needs of the individual person, especially in the context of personal training.

I really enjoy relieving my clients of stress and pressure, watching them float and seeing the peaceful smile on their face as they relax completely and fully indulge in this physically and mentally liberating experience.

This lightness, weightlessness and freedom are addicting.

Are you ready? Contact, connect and try!

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