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This is your space!

The space of all you wonderful people that help or helped me on my way to become the best artist & person I can be.

Thank you

1) MY DAD  - for being the best Dad a daughter can have, supporting me & being proud of me as an artist even if you slept so much better knowing that I would have a regular job just like everybody else with the education that I got...

- for being the best serious & constructive critic

2) MY BROTHER - for being my best brother heart and a great soul healer in difficult times, video editor, music style advisor and the first of my friends & family that booked me for his event!

3) MY MUM & MY BROTHER ARNE - R.I.P. for making me understand that life can be very short and I can only make it happen now or never

4) MY UNCLE WILHELM - R.I.P. who supports me in a very special way beyond his death

to be continued...

- Teodor Fresh - DJ,  Producer, Sound Engineer of my album   Euphoria

- Felue Nicolay - Graphic Design (web background)

- Eva Merida - Graphic Design (web graphics)

- Fritz Krisse - Musician, Band Combo, Music Teacher

- Jochen Doerrer - Gymnastics Coach

- Ellen Moeller - Ballet Teacher

- Joey Heredia - Musician, Mentor

- Pablo - Mentor, 1st director of La Funk Family, Bass

- Karen Henry - Consultant, Press

- Joe Trevino - Consultant, Software

- Jaqueline Phillips - PR

-... and many more that I'll mention time by time... you make sure you keep watchin' ;-P

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